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Picnics - Include a few ecotowels in your picnic basket and enjoy the convenience to clean and freshen up anytime anywhere before or after eating with the comfort of 100% cotton.

Camping - There are alomost unlimited applications for using ecotowel while camping, not just for comfort and general hygiene. Ecotowels can be used for emergency first aid for cleaning cuts, bites, and splinters. The 100% cotton towelette can be rinsed, dried and reused over and over again as a small handy towel.

Hiking - Keep a couple ecotowels handy in your backpack for a variety of uses such as a cool refreshment to wipe off your sweat, clean up your hands before snacking, and general first aid.

Boating - Whether your going fishing, water skiing, or just cruising, keep a supply of ecotowel on board to maximize the comfort and hygiene of your outing.

Fishing - ecotowel provide a great option to effectively clean and sanitize your hands after handling fish and bait anytime anywhere.

Limosines - Treat your patrons with a touch of class by providing them with a convenient and cost effective "White Towel Service" for ultimate comfort and even options for hot or cold towels.

Aviation - ecotowel make a very handy and inexpensive alternative to providing towel service such as you find in Business and First Class on major airlines.

Road Trip - Nothing beats having some ecotowel stashed in the car for road trips! You're going to need clean hands before and after snacking and eating while driving, and also need to clean up spills and mess. ecotowel can be used over and over again as a handy dust cloth for in the car, wiping sunglasses, mirrors, polishing shoes, ... you name it.

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